We create technology. That kind of technology you cannot buy in shops, because it’s not there yet. Like keyboards made out of beer cans, presence-aware devices that tell you a story when you pass nearby, diorama farms connected to Internet APIs, laser harps, tweeting ballons, or Facebook and Foursquare physical check-in devices. You bring the concept, we build the device for you.

Dream of building the next gadget that is going to change the world ? We can prototype it for you ! Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll take it from here.
We can even help you further with production if you need no more than few thousands devices.


Looking for new amazing ways to interact with your customers ? We can definitely help you with that ! We can make your products play melodies at touch, we can even build fully-functional keyboard out of these, we can tell stories when your customer gets nearby, we can entertain people. These are just a few of our ideas. Please tell us more about you and we will come up with something specially designed for your needs.



Want to give your customers a dead simple way to check-in at  your place / event ? You need a physical check in device ! All they have to do is pass their fidelity card in front of the device, and a Facebook post / check in will be  created automatically. Just as simple. Want to further extend the experience with photos or multimedia ? We’re here to help you !

Want more fun at your event ? A laser harp might be the best choice. Want something more special, like tweeting from a helium balloon flying over the conference room ? That’s feasible!Want something really crazy that has never been done before  ? We’re up to the challenge !
Wish to delight your employees with a 24 hours robotics hackaton ? Are you a university and you want to introduce your students to embedded programming and robotics ? Contact us and we’ll bring both the hardware and the trainers.